Mindfulness and Meditation

Exodus Behavioral Health in Balitmore, MD

Information EXODUS delivers a holistic approach to treatment. Ongoing long-term recovery is mental, physical & spiritual. Yoga, Tai Chi, acupuncture, and meditation are intricate parts of our individual treatment plans and have proven successful. The concept of mindfulness has been used in Eastern medicine and religious practices to describe a method of awareness for mental […]

Psychiatric Care

Exodus Behavioral Health in Balitmore, MD

Information Our practice can provide a complete list of mental and behavioral health care services at your disposal to help you understand your emotions and thoughts and treat them effectively. Our care teams also include psychiatrists, specially trained professionals that provide mental health care services for your needs and conditions. We will help you by […]

One-on-One Counseling

Exodus Behavioral Health in Balitmore, MD

Information EXODUS believes that while group therapy has its place in addiction recovery and mental health wellness, one-on-one therapy, or individual therapy, is also key to substantial personal growth. The individual therapy available at EXODUS has proven vital in our clients ongoing recovery. One-on-one counseling, also called individual counseling or psychotherapy, can help individuals learn […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Exodus Behavioral Health in Balitmore, MD

For meaningful improvement from the effects of trauma, anxiety, depression, and other disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy has shown better results than psychotropic medications. Because instead of treating the symptoms, CBT focuses on the internal narratives of the mind, showing that automatic, reoccurring thoughts can cause much suffering. CBT aims to change thinking patterns and patterns […]

Family Therapy

Exodus Behavioral Health in Balitmore, MD

Information Interactions between family members can create conflict, and family therapy works to address and improve those interactions through various means of communication and treatment. Major life transitions, mental health conditions, and stressful events can strain families. When treating the concerns of families, our therapists address the surrounding hardships, such as financial troubles, chronic illnesses, […]

Relapse Prevention

Exodus Behavioral Health in Balitmore, MD

Information EXODUS understands that relapse is a process and not an event.We implement relapse prevention strategies to assist each client to continue a stable and strong recovery journey. Our clinical team help to identify, define and recognize the outlining triggers and potential signs of relapse, working diligently to help our clients avoid relapse. Relapse does […]

Medical Intervention

Exodus Behavioral Health in Balitmore, MD

Mental health conditions can escalate into severe tragedies because they are more common than people realize. People with mental health conditions tend to live their lives without seeking help. When mental health conditions begin to interfere with their lives in drastic ways, then medical intervention may be the only solution to begin treatment and help […]

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Exodus Behavioral Health in Balitmore, MD

Information EXODUS understands that there is no single treatment option that works for everyone with a Dual Diagnosis. The range of mental health disorders is broad, and the relationship between mental health and substance abuse is complicated but EXODUS is prepared to help you start your journey to recovery & wellness. Diagnosis in mental health […]


Woman homeless is sitting at the unground station .

Our Mission: To Eradicate Homelessness, Hunger and Drug Addiction One Life at a Time. In partnership with our non-profit organization “Another Life Saved” each of  EXODUS Behavioral Health’s clients are afforded the absolute top quality living accommodations in our supportive housing program.  The comprehensive programming and services provided through “Another Life Saved” assist in moving […]

Other Addictions

Exodus Behavioral Health in Balitmore, MD

Information If you have not seen the substance that you believe that you are addicted to, it does not mean that treatment services are not provided here at EXODUS Behavioral Health.  Our team of experienced clinicians are skilled in providing comprehensive treatment plans that address addiction as a whole.   We are certain that the help […]