We Offer Many Different Services to Support Your Recovery Process

The journey to recovery begins with you.

We pride ourselves with being a national industry leader in substance abuse and mental health recovery services.
We are confident that we deliver the highest quality of care in our region.

Alcohol Addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction

Marijuana Addiction

Opioid Addiction

Heroin Addiction

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Meth Addiction

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Cocaine Addiction

Other Addictions

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We help in more ways then one

Treatment Services Provided

Dual Diagnosis

EXODUS understands that there is no single treatment option that works for everyone with a Dual Diagnosis. The range of mental health…

Relapse prevention

EXODUS understands that relapse is a process and not an event.  We implement relapse prevention strategies to assist each client to continue a…

Family therapy

Family therapy works to address and improve those interactions through various means of communication and treatment.

One-on-one counseling

EXODUS believes that while group therapy has its place in addiction recovery and mental health wellness, one-on-one therapy, or…

Psychiatric Care

Our practice can provide a complete list of mental and behavioral health care services at your disposal to help you identify and treat.

Mindfulness and meditation

EXODUS delivers a holistic approach to treatment. Ongoing long-term recovery is mental, physical & spiritual. Yoga, Tai Chi, acupuncture, and…

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Experience the Difference

Our Team of Passionate Professionals Will Be There with You Every Step of the Way.

Our counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, and support staff are passionate about helping each of our clients on their road to recovery.  EXODUS Behavioral Health is committed to being a national industry leader in providing the highest quality of care to each of our clients.

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