Treatment is a structured program aimed at helping those struggling with drug addiction to stop using drugs and maintain a new way of life. Substance use disorders (SUDs) are complex problems and there are various types of treatment programs available to help.  Treatment at EXODUS Behavioral Health helps those with SUDs work toward a healthy, happy, and sober lifestyle.

People seeking recovery who have chosen EXODUS as their drug treatment program will participate in group and/or individual therapy sessions to recognize and address the underlying causes of their addiction. 

We pride ourselves in the many services that we provide and our flexibility that allows us to tailor the needs of each individual client. Treatment at EXODUS often involves some combination of group and individual substance use therapy, relapse prevention education, and aftercare planning prior to program completion in order to help people maintain long-term recovery.

Although EXODUS is not a detox facility our medical team makes certain that if detox is needed each client has access to it.  During detox, the body rids itself of the toxic influences of drugs or alcohol.  Detox experiences will vary greatly based on what drugs were used, how they were used and how frequent. Many substance withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant and sometimes dangerous, EXODUS makes certain that each client receives proper treatment in a medically supervised detox program to alleviate the discomfort and mitigate some of the risks associated with withdrawal.

As EXODUS clients progress in their recovery and the treatment phase nears to an end, our dedicated peers, clinical and support staff work with each client to develop an appropriate aftercare plan. This often includes maintaining residence in our supportive housing program and a combination of support groups, continued one-on-one sessions, ongoing therapy, and 12-step meeting attendance. 

Yes. A personalized aftercare plan based on each individual’s assessment and needs for ongoing recovery does work!

At EXODUS treatment is approached on a personal and individual level. 

No two treatment plans are alike; for these reasons there is not always a set treatment duration that applies to everyone when it comes to addiction and recovery. 

Many people seeking recovery choose programs that offer 28- 30-day lengths of stay.

Others may benefit from a longer treatment program, such as 60-day, 90-day, or even longer-term residential treatment to further develop and maintain a steady on-going recovery path.

When determining the appropriate length of treatment, EXODUS’ clinical staff take into consideration the history and severity of  each client’s addiction;  the specific drugs or alcohol used; any co-occurring medical, mental, or behavioral health conditions; any previous treatment attempts; as well as the physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual needs of each individual client.

At EXODUS longer programs afford our clients the opportunity to focus on the root causes and trauma behind the addiction, thus when applicable we provide more time for clients to be engaged in mental health treatment and extended opportunities to practice living a life abstinent from drugs and alcohol.

Regardless of any treatment duration, drug and alcohol addiction recovery does not end after our clients complete the treatment phase of their recovery process.  

Recovery from substance use is an ongoing, lifelong process. Managing an addiction requires hard work and dedication as a person learns how to navigate through daily life without drugs and alcohol.

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