Mental health conditions can escalate into severe tragedies because they are more common than people realize. People with mental health conditions tend to live their lives without seeking help. When mental health conditions begin to interfere with their lives in drastic ways, then medical intervention may be the only solution to begin treatment and help loved ones. Fortunately, we know how to act early and help mitigate the effects of mental illness.

What is Medical Intervention?

Medical intervention for mental illness tends to be a vague topic when discussing treatment options for those conditions. Families that have loved ones with mental illness can find prevention methods for mental illness. Prevention for illnesses can begin with addressing and understanding how the body and brain develop over time. However, family members that have loved ones with mental illness already occurring will need a medical intervention, where these members, the affected individual, and a licensed mental health professional can meet and discuss many of the surrounding issues involved with their mental illness. Environmental factors have the greatest impact on human development, just as substantially as genetics. These surrounding issues that may need medical intervention include:

Physical Health – Traumatic brain injuries and chronic illnesses all have an impact on mental health. Any health issue, such as nutrition, sleep, and drug exposure that impacts the body and mind’s ability to live fully, can have vast consequences on a person’s mental health.

Safety and Security – One essential question to ask is, “Does my environment give me a sense of security?” Any trauma, such as abuse, neglect, and sexual assault, can lead to hypervigilance, a heightened state of fear that affects one’s ability to interact with the world. These changes in the security of an environment can greatly harm a person’s ability to take part in school, succeed at their job, find hobbies and passions, and contribute to mental illness.

Resources – Lack of education, poor finances, insufficient nutrition, and impoverished housing has a great influence on the supporting structures of families and their connection to mental illness. The basic requirements for living meet to be met, and when they aren’t met, those struggles that come from that lack of support can have psychological impacts, and finding access through mental health services is one of the most crucial ways to support overall well being.

Relationships – Our interpersonal relationships define our relationships with the world at large. If the relationships within your circle don’t meet your needs, those issues need to be discussed. The role of relationships and mental health have a deep connection to mental illness. During periods of growth and development, relationships are critical, and when they falter, action needs to be taken.

Common Questions about Medical Intervention

When should I seek intervention? – If you or your loved ones have begun to see the psychological damage caused by your environmental factors, it’s time to seek that help.

How do I prepare for the intervention? – Begin with talking with your loved one. Address your concerns, show that you care about them, and present the facts about mental illness and its effects. We will be able to provide you with resources to help prepare for these conversations.

What if my loved one with mental illness won’t go to therapy? – Too often, those who suffer from mental illness won’t seek help because of the social stigma surrounding the topic. We, along with many members of the psychiatric community, strive to standardize mental illness treatment and boost awareness, and we can help provide you with resources to help.

How We Can Help With Medical Intervention

These critical moments matter; that’s why we’re here to help. Recovery can be hard, but it will be worth it because you’ll find more wellbeing within your family and with your loved ones. Medical intervention can help to immediately address the problem and begin the first steps towards the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Call us, and we’ll help prepare you with the resources you need to encourage your loved ones to begin their path to recovery.