As the opioid addiction epidemic in our country continues to rise and reach communities that have never been affected in the past; EXODUS is prepared to provide treatment services to those who may have never sought treatment before.

We have seen and treated those who after surgeries have become addicted to their prescription medications and progressed to heroin use, we have provided a full continuum of care with a holistic approach to this growing and remarkably diverse patient population.  

If it is opioid prescriptions or heroin and opioids purchased on the streets, our treatment services are confidential, effective, and impactful. 

How We Can Help 

If you are looking for help overcoming your opioid addiction, and are struggling to maintain consistent abstinence, you have come to the right place! Upon your arrival our medical staff is in place to make certain that your withdrawal symptoms are treated, opioid addiction can be life-threatening, do not wait to call us and get the help that you need, immediately.

About Opioid Addiction (Opioid Use Disorder)

Opioid addiction is a serious concern in America today, with millions currently suffering from opioid use disorder. Of these, over 70,000 die from overdose each year, with 16,000 of these deaths being attributed to heroin and prescription painkillers accounting for over 15,000 deaths. These numbers continue to rise as synthetic options start becoming available, with Fentanyl and others like it claiming nearly 30,000 deaths all on their own.

Question For Your Mental Health Professional About Opioid Use

We offer mental health services that can aid those suffering from opioid addiction make important changes in their life. Breaking addiction to opioids can be extremely difficult to accomplish without help. Our team has received specialized training in helping people who are addicted to opioids overcome their dependence and reclaim their life from its grip.

What Symptoms Are Associated With Opioid Use?

Opioid use can have serious and potentially life-threatening side-effects. Non-medical symptoms that indicate you may be experiencing an addiction to opioids include the following:

What Symptoms Are Associated with Opioid Withdrawal?

In those who are battling addiction by ending their use of opioids, abruptly withdrawal symptoms can become part of a serious battle. The symptoms include a sense of general pain, restlessness, insomnia, intense cravings, vomiting, cramps, dilated pupils, and diarrhea. These symptoms are often severe enough that it drives those trying to quit back to opioids simply to make them stop.

How Common Is Opioid Addiction?

Opioids are severely addictive, and those who use them for periods of longer than a month or two often develop a physical dependence on them. The AMA (American Medical Association) has revealed that of all those who use opioids as a prescription pain medication, up to 19% of them will become addicted. Even when the prescription is stopped, they may not stop using, and almost 45% of those presently addicted to heroin were initially using prescription medication.

If you’re looking for help managing an opioid addiction, and are struggling to overcome your dependence, contact our office immediately. We’ll put you in contact with a mental health professional who specializes in managing addiction and can aid you as you start taking control of your life again. Opioids addiction can be life-threatening, don’t wait to call and get help!