Cocaine addiction is a complicated problem and involves biological changes in the brain as well as social, family, and environmental factors. 

Therefore, the treatment of cocaine addiction at EXODUS Behavioral Health includes addressing and tackling head on a variety of problems that cocaine addiction creates.

We are confident that the holistic approach to treatment provided by EXODUS Behavioral Health addresses the underlying issues that were present before cocaine use. 

How We Can Help 

If you are ready to reclaim your life after the mess that cocaine has created for you, you have made the right choice in selecting EXODUS!  Our skilled professional staff get to the root problems that caused your addiction.  We are here for your journey to recovery and are prepared and capable in assisting you with pulling it all back together.

How We Can Help With Cocaine Addiction

One of the most well-regarded methods of treating cocaine involves psychotherapy and medical detox. Our team of mental health experts will work with you to manage your withdrawal symptoms, break habits associated with use, and break thought patterns that make cravings hard to resist. We’ll also connect you with outside groups and services that are available to those battling addiction. Going through this process can be very difficult on your own; working with our specialists will provide you with the best potential chance for recovery.

Questions To Ask Your Therapist About Cocaine Addiction

Those battling an addiction to cocaine benefit from knowing as much as possible about the process they’re about to undergo. Below is information about some of the most common concerns cited by those about to start on the path to recovery.

What Health Problems Occur From Cocaine Addiction?

Those who have continued to use cocaine for an extended period begin to experience severe problems with addiction. These include lung damage, problems performing sexually, HIV/Hepatitis from an injection, seizures, stroke, and decay of the bowels in cases where it is swallowed.

What Is Withdrawal from Cocaine Like?

The period of withdrawal is the most challenging period of battling cocaine addiction. Those who are beginning this path may begin experiencing exhaustion, slow or distracted thinking, restlessness, the inability to feel pleasure and associated difficulties becoming aroused, and heightened appetite. Other symptoms include nerve pain, muscle aches, chills, and tremors. Suicidal thoughts are often a common symptom and require immediate care.

When Will It Become Necessary To Get Medical Detox?

A first attempt to battle cocaine addiction can often be made on an outpatient basis. Those who have previously failed in their attempt or have mental health disorders occurring alongside cocaine addiction are often encouraged to seek help with medical detox. Inpatient treatment can help address mental health concerns and withdrawal symptoms alike.

If you’re beginning your journey to a life free from cocaine addiction, it’s time to contact our clinic for assistance. Our staff has undergone specialized training to help those battling addiction experience their best hope of success. If you or a family member are fighting addiction to cocaine and are seeking help breaking the chains, call us today. Success rates for breaking addiction are higher among those who seek help, so give yourself your best chance with our clinic!